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Dealer Written Testimonials

“At first I was skeptical to invite any sales group into our store.  We have worked hard and diligently to maintain our good name in the community.  Because of some very good recommendations by some people in my twenty group, we took the chance.  What a blessing that was!  Not only did my gross profits nearly triple, my customers were happy, and satisfied.  Very few charge-backs, and zero heat.  The Prestige staff was very professional, and talented.  They worked exceptionally well with my sales staff, as if they had always been a part of our team.  In fact, both managers and sales people are asking when they are coming back!!  Prestige is welcome in my store as often as their schedule allows.”

General sales manager,
Washington State

“Three words to describe Rico and his staff: DYNAMIC, ENERGETIC, & ETHICAL!”

General sales manager,
Pontiac GMC dealer,

“They come in, do a great job, and energize everyone in the dealership.  They think outside the box, and get things done in ways I never would have thought of!  And more importantly, they make me A LOT OF MONEY when they are here.  Every deal is maximized front and back, EVERY DEAL!

Finance Director,
GM dealer

“Prestige Auto Marketing Group saved our horrible month!! We brought them in for only 5 days and they sold over 50% of my inventory and the old age stuff too and put over $150,000 of gross profit on our books!! Even my finance department doubled its average per copy on deals for the week. They sponsored a local charity, gave away tons of cash and prizes and the certified sales team and management is amazing, and their ideas and approach they have on every deal for super sales and staffed events is remarkable. Call me personally if you have any questions or doubts!
Mark M, GM
Chevrolet Dealer Kansas City

“Prestige Auto Marketing Group and “Rico” are by far the most value driven company we have ever worked with. Their comprehensive ideas and approach to doing sales events is on a whole other planet!!! They have brought us in over 1500 up’s and repeat customers in 2 sales and brought our store back to life and even trained the finance and sales staff on some key points to the sale!!! I also, can’t even begin to tell you the impact the team has had on my store from their training that comes along with the sale package. My green pea salesman sold 8 cars in 6 days! Wow. Thank you! You’re always welcome in our store. See you guys soon!
Mitsubishi Dealer, Pennsylvania

I’m a large well known pre-owned dealer for my local area and it has completely expanded my dealership name and branding for the area. We are dealing with customers and repeat business from areas of the city that we have never have had in the store before. It’s a win-win for my store, local charities, and the consumers getting a great deal on a used vehicle. I’m locked in now as a repeat dealer for a sale every 2 month’s because it’s that good for my bottom line. These guys bring a whole new level of honesty, professionalism and creativity to the automotive sales event idea, Prestige Auto Marketing and the “boys” are a top notch crew!!!!
Ohio Mega Pre-Owned Dealer

“I have hired staffed event companies in the past and got burned so many times I can’t even count. So I was totally against ever doing this type of sale ever again. I discovered this company Prestige Auto Marketing Group through some close friends of mine, and they’ve changed the game for my store completely. The whole staff is certified, trained, and goes by a strict code of conduct and ethics while maintaining an average gross profit my elite managers thought was a thing of the past!!….Their is actually ACCOUNTABILITY within everyone on the team and the management. NO HEAT when they leave the store! Along with supporting local charity’s and community events as a sale approach, their model is a slam dunk in the industry. I will only do business with Prestige Auto Marketing Group staffed sales! After getting past the fears of staffed events, I have a million reasons a year to run with Rico and the boys!
Multiple Franchise Arizona Dealer

“They really showcase your store for your area and everyone knows were having a sale from the presentation they put on! Their upbeat attitude and high energy is noticed throughout the entire sale. Everyone is pumped up and excited to buy a car and they get the whole store involved on keeping up the mood of the sale. NEVER A DOWN TIME! Hands are clapping and people are having a good time and getting a great deal at the same time! We had local news stations, radio stations, news-paper write ups about our dealership, and over 25,000-50,000 direct mail pieces go out for one 5 day event. It was great exposure and my non-franchise pre-owned store did over $180,000 in gross. I normally don’t do that kind of gross in 2 months. I would recommend this company to anyone. Prestige Auto Marketing Group Rocks the house!
Delaware Auto Dealer

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