Prestige Auto Marketing Group

Offers A Variety Of Services Designed To Fill Your Needs.

Direct Mail

Full Color, Glossy, High Quality Ads At Competitive Prices.

Staffed Events

We Are A Full Service Staffed Event Company With A Proven Track Record Of Success.


We Look Forward To Working With Your Sales Team To "Show Them" How To Be The Best.

Staffed Events

Advertising: Several weeks before the Sales Event, we will consult with you about what markets you want targeted. Exceed your ROI expectations with NEW, FRESH ads at affordable prices.

Site Selection: If you don't already a location in mind, the professionals at Prestige will assist you in finding a site with maximum traffic saturation values.

Kick-Off Package: This package has been designed to make your Sales Event a SUCCESS! With everything from banners, registration materials, promotional kits, incentive gifts, to the invaluable "Kick-Off" checklist, you will have all the tools you need at your fingertips.

Pre-Event Management Meetings: Prior to the "Kick-Off", our management team arrives to make final preparations for your Event, and meet with your managers to discuss any strategies and areas you wish to target, and prep the lot.

An elite team of Finance and Sales Managers with years of experience from some of the largest, and most profitable dealerships in the country, all at your complete disposal

A disciplined, professional Sales Team trained to integrate with your existing sales force, and bring excitement and motivation to the floor. All of our staff adhere to the Prestige philosophy that success is achieved only in an atmosphere of respect, teamwork and integrity.

Daily Sales Strategy Meeting with all Sales and Management staff to review the Prestige Sales System and any daily ad events and promotions, discuss any input or questions you or your staff may have.

Daily "Save-A-Deal" Sales Recap meeting with Management.

Copy of all guest logs, and final traffic count for the day.

Post Sale Financial Closeout: Our finance manager remains with you in the dealership until every deal is approved and fundable.

Any additional training in the Prestige Process for your Finance Department is available at this time.

Completed copies of all guest registration logs, appointment logs and unsold prospects.

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Direct Mail Marketing

Think outside the "mailbox". Today's consumer is very savvy and has many resources available to them. What will get the customers in the door? What does a consumer want from a a car dealership and what will keep them coming back for generations? These are the issues Prestige addresses when creating your mail campaign. We can accommodate any budget and guarantee maximum traffic with our well-tested advertising and marketing.

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Prestige Training

Good advertisements get your customers in the door, but your Sales Team is who makes you the money. We will work side-by-side with your Sales Team from the Meet-and-Greet to the Sign-and-Drive. It is normal for a dealership's Sales Team to resist new people coming in, but we understand and will work hard to earn their respect. We don't want to "tell the, we want to "show" them how to make more money and increase their sales commission even after we're gone. When Prestige is in the house, everyone makes money.

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