Prestige Frequently Asked Questions
The “FLAWLESS” Automotive Advertising & Sales Structure That Works EVERYTIME!!!!

At Prestige Auto Marketing Group we customize a fully functional advertising campaign and mail piece that will reach and penetrate deep into your everyday market as well as new markets that are outside of the dealership’s normal area. You will see increased grosses and unit sales, high C.S.I., and most importantly, strong long-term sales through skillful, high-energy training that really stands out above the rest!!!!

Every Prestige Auto team consists of the best of the best. They are high-energy, ethical and seasoned, proven Automotive Professionals who practice the highest standards of sales and customer service satisfaction. No exceptions! Prestige Auto teams will also include a Team Leader/Trainer with over 20 yrs. experience, Desk Manager, F&I Director, Closer, and as many additional salespersons needed to properly staff your event.

Just like anything in life, your dealership is unique and has it current level of functioning success, so at Prestige Auto, the country's leading Staffed Events company, we implement a custom training structure that gives your sales personnel the critical skills, closing techniques, and tips of the 4-Square model that produce effective results for the sale and also for long-term success in today's highly competitive and regulated automotive profession. Your dealership's sales team will learn the most current, and ethical closing methods for producing clean, high-grossing sales and achieve excellent scoring on customer satisfaction. Every Prestige Auto Team is continuously updated on regulatory guidelines, compliance training and follows all the critical steps necessary for compliance throughout the many different dealerships throughout the country. Allowing you to have peace of mind knowing that we are not leaving the gates open for any legal issues for your dealership and the staff.

To join our ever growing established list of satisfied dealers for over 20 years, please contact Ricardo Walcott for details on your customized staffed event package!

Things we require to ensure we deliver the best service possible are the following:

Site Selection (on-site or off-site)

Detailed list of your inventory of all used units, the majority of which should be no more than 5-6 years old, front line ready, and of low mileage

Complete the “Kick-Off” check list

Have all your management available for a meet and greet with Prestige finance and management team, and have meeting time set aside to discuss final preparations, address any questions you may have, and apprise our management of any sensitivity and diversity training programs we need to be aware of.

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