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Team Lineup

Your Prestige Auto Staff will meet and exceed all of your expectations on every level of professionalism.

Team Manager/Desk Manager

Our Team Leader, will act as the control center for everything that is going on throughout the sale. He is the quarterback for the team at the dealership, and will be in charge of knowing all the activity that is going on at any time during the sale. He will also make sure that every sales person is following compliance and will motivate, train and drive your team to succeed. He will report directly to the GM or Owner of your dealership daily to report on the results of the sale for each day.
Our team leaders will also oversee your promotion handling and tracking of every customer. He will be the control center at the sales desk, penciling and managing each deal, while training your salespeople to use new word tracks and closing techniques in connection with the closers. Prestige Auto’s managers will work closely with your management team to make sure that EVERY deal is examined for every possible angle to complete a deal and maximize your dealerships ultimate profit potential on every deal.

Finance Director

Prestige Auto will have an F&I director with years of experience at your fingertips to offer some of the best relationships with lenders across the country and will also build new relationships with your current local institutions. However we want it to be clear that they will work hand and hand with your finance managers and adhere to their dealership’s current “deal process.” Our F&I penetration is well above the industry average as well as PVR per deal. The director will be in charge of presenting a detailed menu of all products offered, to every consumer, on every deal and use a unique and honest closing technique to maximize back-end profit on every deal. They will also be in charge of working hand in hand with the finance managers of the dealership to make sure that every deal has been properly negioated with every lending avenue possible. Two heads are ALWAYS better then one and it’s a proven method in not missing any opportunity to do business on any deal. From A+ credit to the worst we will attempt to find a way. They will also be in charge of making sure that the daily follow up on every “Hot Deal” is done on each day of the sale.
The finance director will leave your dealership with every deal approved and billed to each corresponding bank with all stip’s and dealer needed documents in tact to make sure that there are no issues with funding.

Closers/Floor Manager

This is a touchy subject for most dealers. Who will interact with all of my local loyal customers? Not to worry! Prestige will have a closer and floor manager at every sale. Some of the Nations most qualified and ethical individuals in the industry. We don’t demonstrate any unethical attempts at earning the customers business. Its just not our style. We don’t have to LIE to sell a customer a car. Our word tracks and closing techniques are unique and get results but don’t jeopardize the CSI of the customer either. The closer/floor manager will work directly with all levels of management to make sure that every deal is looked at. Every customer that walks through the showroom doors will be introduced to a closer or management staff, assuring that no opportunity is missed. The control our closers have over traffic is unsurpassed. They will maintain and manage each salesperson on the floor and make sure that everything is running up to par. Prestige Auto’s closers will maximize each deal for front end gross profit while creating a fun and exciting buying environment the entire dealership. Making it ALWAYS fun to buy a car!! We will also announce every car sold over the intercom system to keep the rhythm and “buying mood” alive on every deal.

Sales Consultants

Prestige Auto will have salespeople that are some of the best in the business. Our strict code of ethics and dress code along with professionalism, will allow Prestige Auto to maintain only the elite of sales professionals. We know you want the very best and that’s what we will provide your dealership. They will have clean history backgrounds and will be certified or licensed when needed depending on the regulations of your dealership and state. We provide enough sales people to compliment your staff in handling all the traffic our advertising brings to your dealership.
Prestige Auto takes the accountability of leadership very seriously. We will make sure our leaders genuinely connect with your management and sales staff during of our event. They lead with a clear sense of purpose and passion, and effectively work with your staff with some of the most popular sales methods around. Our managers are driven from a vision of success. We will help your staff take immediate action to share in our vision. Helping them think outside the box and believe in gross profits they believed were only a thing of the past! Our teams consist of polished and influential sales representatives, whom possess high levels of honesty and integrity. We hope to build trust and respect, being consistent and honest, and to make certain the likelihood of long term relationships with all our dealers. Finally, our leaders will influence your staff in an upbeat, clear-cut manner that will ensure your growth long after we have left the dealership. We don’t want to change how you do business, we just want to show you another avenue on how to be successful.
Our business is YOU!

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